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The Story

Annie’s Art Attic started with the vision of Don & Annie Fuller.  The Attic received the 501(c)3 status August 1, 2015.  The Board of Directors (of which there are currently 13) meets every month on the third Wednesday. The "Attic" is run by dedicated volunteers.

Our original story started in a 400 square foot room soon increasing to 800 square feet.  Quickly an opportunity arose, and the “Attic” was moved to a new building, 4,400 square feet.  By the generosity of the community the "Attic" filled up with beautiful clothing, collectibles, art, and so much more.  With the sales of these items, the "Attic" is able to support the local charities who in turn support the community. Every month, the "Attic" chooses a local charity to support. Through fundraisers at the "Attic" not only is money raised but so is awareness.

Another way the "Attic" gives to the community is through arts and crafts classes.  The first classes were offered to special needs adults.  Once a week they come to the "Attic" with their caregivers and enjoy the camaraderie of others and enhance their senses through paint, yarn, beads, glue and so much more.


The "Attic" is expanding classes to all of the community.  Classes in sewing, quilting, painting, jewelry making, stained glass, crocheting, knitting, pottery and more.    


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